Gift Ideas

 Beautiful ceramic Birds -Large
 Handmade Travel Bags in various colors
 Vintage Mirror, Brush & Comb dresser set (gold & lace)
 Pair Ceramic Mugs with Gift Box
 Ceramic white bird with gold wings
 Metal Art
 Frosted Flowers perfume bottle
 Vintage perfume bottle with Faceted stopper
 Ceramic Rooster, Hen & Chicks
 Cork Earring - Handmade by Crazy Leather
 Locally made Key Chains
 Handmade by Crazy Leather- Leather earrings
 Crazy Leather Bracelets
 Rhinestone /Pearl necklace with drop earrings
 Be sure and Visit our Fudge Page
 Handmade Microwave bowl holders
 Have a laugh in the Garden Stakes
 Gift Box Handmade Angels
 Dish Towels
 Butterfly Salt & Pepper shakers
 Kleenex Jar
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